Paciencia means patience in Spanish. Landon taught me today. I had to use this word many times in my little amount of time away from home, including the airports.
Today I worked eleven hours. I helped in the church, putting up sheet rock and cleaning and organizing. Wow! It felt great to take a shower after today! The water started turning brown after it hit me and ran down to the drain….really gross but glad it was off!
I am learning more Spanish and it encourages me to keep trying and being persistent because knowing that I have only been here for two days and soaking it in this well, I shall be a much better conversationalist by the end of my visit. 🙂

My muscles will be sore in the morning, but I love the feeling of good, hard, man-labor work. I hung out with Jordan and Landon for the majority of the day, they are very fun out of college men who are seeking the Lord and helping others along their way as well.
Landon and I had some great fun talking and learning more about each other while putting up braces for a new wall.
He is teaching me Bible verses in Spanish 🙂

So far I’ve got almost ALL of John 14:6 down! 🙂 hahaha sweet, right?

I hope to take more pictures, but it’s really hard because there’s like no schedule. I’m definitely learning to be FLEXIBLE. Randy told me on the airplane that the word ‘flexible’ will be my way of life down here. And it surely has made it’s way to the front!

The meals are at all different times. Each night here I have eaten supper at midnight…O_o my stomach is so messed up.

I love it here though, which is great.
I am learning a lot of life lessons; hard work, flexibility, adaptability, branching out, trying new things.
I am frustrated at the same time though; taking on a challenge that I am terrible at (Spanish), not being able to be my usual outgoing self (because A. I don’t know anybody. B. 90%+ speak extremely little Spanish)

Paciencia-I need to write this word on my heart. I need to follow it’s definition and apply it to my daily life.

Patience to wait on God.
Patience to wait on my brain to understand Spanish.
Patience to be comfortable here.
Patience to not let my frustrations overcome my purpose.

Again, thank you all for your prayers. God bless.


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