Overwhelming Change

Saying goodbye was alright, harder than I thought it would be. I didn’t really get stabbed with reality until I was forced to stand in line, only able to look at my loved ones. I almost burst into tears as I walked away after security. But, determined to strain towards what God had in store for me, I resisted tears.
As I was working my way to gate A29 I got clammy; hot and sweaty, my heart started beating faster and my body got shaky.
“I’m on my own now,” I thought.
I started thinking hard and became encased in my thoughts, not taking in the noise around me-which made me queasy anyways.
“God, keep me safe and calm me down, por favor!!”
I began to feel at peace and suddenly thought of the adventure waiting.
.I arrived safely.

It’s been really overwhelming, the friends that I have made are incredibly fun and friendly, and will be great help in my time of need, but so much is different that I will have to face alone (with my God beside me of course).

I have met many purely Spanish speaking Panamanians, which puts a smile on my face when they talk to me and I think about how only their body movements can communicate any bit of information as I simply shake my head and laugh out, “No entiendo”
At the airport, I met  a good handful of people who picked Randy, Donna, and I up. Some of them are:
Johnathan, Jordan and Jesse (sons of Randy && Donna)
Willy, Landon, Carmen, and
one of the pastor-who’s name passes my mind.

All of them are EXTREMELY nice and welcoming. I’ve already been teased a handful of times and forced to pray for our midnight Taco Bell (cause it’s tradition for the guest to pray). All is wonderful with them and I feel right at home..sorta…but I won’t talk about that yet.

The pastor who I met at the airport came up to me and hugged me and started going on and on in Spanish and I just stood there smiling at him in hilarious un-comprehension. Then Donna came over and said something to him in Spanish and he talked back after looking at me and then Donna made a hand signal that I figured meant she was telling him “NO Spanish” bahahaha. Oh man. Then he put his fingers up to his mouth and said something while smiling and looking at me and Donna laughed and turned to me, “He says, ‘at least you came smiling and laughing’.” and I looked at him and smiled with my fingers pointing at it, and said, “It’s the universal language” Donna translated. He laughed and nodded and then Donna translated what he said next to be, “I just hope she goes home with that same expression”.

After that we all went out to the van and I got my first whiff of Panamanian air; humid and fresh at the same time.

From the plane on the way to Panama City, I saw the sunset; gorgeous welcome to night. I’ve never seen such a thing, with the clouds like little stepping stones dotting the blue/black sky leading to the orange, pink, and yellow divider.

I have had a great time so far, it’s just really…stomach churning, thinking that I AM REALLY HERE.

The Sunday service this morning was hard. But thanks to Landon I understood. He stepped in as my translator during Sunday School and the service. I wore myself out trying to remember what the pastor said while matching it up with what Landon said. I just want to learn Spanish so badly so that I can get around easier. I feel like it might take me all of my three months to be able to communicate for two minutes. But, I’m really trying not to let it get me down.
The songs we sang were fun, I can read Spanish MUCH better than understand what it means. hahaha. The tunes of some were familiar so that helped mucho.

Well, I could blog so much on here about all the changes but right now I’ll just stop and leave you with a picture of their dog Lizzy.

haha, isn’t she funny? She’s really nice though.

Thanks SO much for all your prayers and financial support! I am undoubtedly appreciative of them!!!
I need A LOT of prayer right now..it’s just really hard.

Muchas Gracies

One thought on “Overwhelming Change

  1. Pumpkin,
    Hang in there…I am sure it’s hard adjusting as you said to the Spanish language all around, but you will get it soon enough. I believe that you are going to be used in a great way while your there! I still can’t believe that it’s already that time when we has to say goodbye..but it’s 3 months…not forever..although it may seem. I love you and will be looking forward to reading your other blogs along your journey. 🙂 Miss you.


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