Well, not exactly.

My flight pattern will be:
Detroit–leave at 12 noon.
fly to Atlanta *arrive at 2*
meet the missionaries I’ll be staying with at gate T5
hang out till 5:30 when my flight will depart
arrive in Panama @ 11 [[Eastern time]]

I am glad I’ll have my lovely Toby [[netbook]] to keep my occupied for the time that I’m not reading. 🙂
I can’t believe it’s here,
I really can’t.
I just don’t think it will FULLY hit me [[like my good buddy Micah said]] until I’m on the plane.
I am excited to list off all the changes that will take place, the treasures that I’ll find, the sites I’ll see, and the emotions that will come.


I got a new suitcase, and if I might add I’m very grateful to the rolling technique for clothes, it’s helped me immensely.

I bought a Nikon Coolpix, cause my old camera was going down hill and I felt it appropriate timing.

I am just so undoubtedly thankful to everybody who supported me financially and MOST IMPORTANTLY via prayers.

I appreciate prayers so abundantly.

Never. ever. ever. underestimate the power of prayers!

I have to cut this post short and kinda boring, but I just wanted to update a bit, cause it’s been a longggg time since I last blogged!!!!

[[next post will be from the newest adventure land]]


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