Pastly Present

So, I have come to realize that time is inconsiderate; it doesn’t stop for anybody.

I cannot believe how fast my 17 1/2 years of life have gone by. I cannot seem to grasp the concept of it being five years since I last hung out with my childhood best friend. Its hard for me to understand how I am here, wanting my past back.

I hung out with my lovely childhood bestie tonight and we talked for two hours. It was marvelous. I miss that.
I remember when I was younger thinking about my future, what it would be like being graduated from high school. Well, now my past’s ‘future’ is my ‘present’ and I want my present’s past back.
I cannot stress the fact enough that we should REJOICE IN EVERY DAY WE ARE ALIVE AND THAT WE HAVE. Before we know it, we’ll be able to take our fake teeth out.

What an interesting word.
It’s been the biggest headline of my thoughts lately.
It just seems like it was last October when I found out that I was going to Panama. Now in less than two months I’ll be there…

In a way…I’m scared. It only hit me last week. I want to hold on tighter, cause I don’t want to lose anybody.
It has struck me that I will begin dreaming in Spanish, thinking in Spanish, and possibly even having the hilarious need to look up English words cause I forgot them.
I have so much excitement and fear in the same thoughts, it doesn’t make sense.
I am beginning to realize how much more I want to take every opportunity of a relationship. My relationship with others effects my relationship with my Savior and I don’t want to miss a chance at getting closer, helping those who need it, giving hope, and spreading love.

My years of childhood are gone.
My Chapter 1 is finished and read.
Chapter 2 consists of Panama.

I wonder how filled Chapter 2 will be…


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