“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

Meaning: the lack of something increases the desire for it.

The Roman poet Sextus Propertius gave us the earliest form of this saying in Elegies:

“Always toward absent lovers love’s tide stronger flows.”

The contemporary version appears in The Pocket Magazine of Classic and Polite Literature, 1832, in a piece by a Miss Stickland:

‘Tis absence, however, that makes the heart grow fonder.


I have realized that this phrase is so true. That’s why I believe that saving my first kiss for my wedding day will make my marriage stronger. I have a cousin who did this and he and his wife are so in love its adorable. After five years of marriage they still act as though they are newlyweds.

An invisible bond is created when absence is present. (haha)

I wonder if the writer of that saying went through much heartache and had to find the truth of the line before he wrote it, to know the extent of its certainty.

Panama’s first couple weeks with me in its midst will be stomach churning and emotionally hard for me. It will be brutal to be away from all the amazing people who I have bonded with. I guess that I just have to focus on the Lord and trust that He can help me through it.
If I focus on what I left, I will never know what I missed. I don’t want to miss a thing.

I pray that the friendships I will leave behind will become stronger when I come back.

Absence will make our hearts grow stronger and I look forward to that improvement.


One thought on “Absence

  1. Ah! Thank you for this post. It gave me perspective. Although I am not going to Panama, I struggle with the idea of leaving everyone at home. The first part is something I’ve been thinking about and I agree with too. 🙂


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