I’m trying

I have thought a ton about my character lately. I have read a few books this year that are helping me realize the different personalities and characteristics and basic nature of people. They have made me reflect on my life; pushing me to change.

I need to change.

Too many times have I felt like nothing is wrong and wow my life is great.  But it’s in those times where I need to pursue God the most.
In the last month, our church’s topic for Sunday School is marriage.
At home my parents have talked about it more with me as well.
A while ago I made a list of characteristics or abilities that I would like in a future husband, well, I think that it’s important for everybody to do this.
One of the things that I want in a future husband is one who is willing to pursue God when he’s not in a crisis.
I want this too.
I know what it feels like to just look to God in the hard times, or when something is going on that you need God’s help, BUT I am trying to change that.
I want to begin pursuing God every day, not just when the road gets extra bumpy.

Another way for me to change is that I would like to think more. I need to stop spewing out the first thing that comes to my head and THINK before I speak. It happens too often in my life, and I fear that I hurt people because of my quick mouth.

I hope I become a more humble person.

I want to begin SAYING my compliments to people. Sometimes, I think in my head, “Wow, she looks SO great today!” or “Man, that is a really great hair cut on him” or whatever. But you know what? I don’t say them out loud, and by george I don’t know why!!  Speaking my compliments needs practice, cause everybody needs to hear those nice things everyday. It’s a confidence booster, and too often is there something hard going on in our life and we just need an uplifting moment.

I pray that you all reflect your character as well. Ask God to show you what needs change and act upon His answer.

God, thank you for showing me my weaknesses, help me focus on You through this time of change.

2 thoughts on “I’m trying

  1. I love your blogs…

    And I am right there with you about spewing out too quickly whatever falls into and out of my head.

    The more you voice compliments the easier it becomes… (same as talking about Jesus to whoever) That is something I began doing a while ago and love it 🙂

    You are amazing.


  2. I feel the same way all the time too!! We always find it easy to look to God in the hard times, but when things are going well, we don’t even give Him a thought! Thanks so much for posting this…it makes me realized I’m not the only one feeling these things! I so commend you for seeing you need to change in someways, but I also want to compliment you on how great a person you really are! We all need to change, that is for sure! I’m praying for us all…that we’d all grow closer to Christ’s likeness! Thanks again for an awesome post!



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