Amo a mi mamá

For too long I have neglected my lovely blog-land. I have decided that I’m best at keeping up with posts when I don’t have obligations to it, when I just write because I can.

Mother’s day was two days ago, and I would like to talk about my mom.

This last weekend I realized that I honestly don’t give back enough. My mom is always sacrificing and trying to make life better for those around her, and I don’t show her enough love in return for her hard efforts.
I love the way that my mom strokes my hair and massages it. There’s nothing like a mother’s touch.
I love her determination and concentration on projects.
Sometimes, when I’m sitting in church and she’s playing the piano prelude, I love just watching her fingers gracefully float across the keys and transform the lull into an uplifting peace.
Her creativity is so helpful to my life. I have come to her for suggestions on gifts many times, and she ALWAYS has a wonderful idea that STRIKES my imagination.
The many lessons and helpful skills she has taught me are not always through telling me, but by showing me in her life and allowing me to observe. I have learned a lot from her, and am grateful that she is and will always be my mother.
Some of my favorite memories:
Waking up to music that she put on the stereo that morning.
When she sits down to the piano and I can just sit and listen. Or when I was little, dance to it gracefully thinking that I would magically turn into a ballerina.
When my parents dance.

These are just some of the reasons why I love my mom and the lovely things that bring happiness when I think about her.

Oh how she loves me
sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tell her how much she truly means to me.
But, for now, I can just try.

I will be homesick when I go to Panama…


2 thoughts on “Amo a mi mamá

  1. Your right, Moms are the best!

    I find it so amazing how your posts have fit so well into different circumstances in my life. Its crazy how some of the most exciting things are also the scariest..


  2. Your right, Moms are the best!

    It is crazy how some of your posts fit into my life sometimes! Some of the most exciting things in life can be the scariest!


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