Thoughts on Life

We always hear about abortion and the different views on it.
Sometimes though, I don’t believe that people truly realize how devastating it is.
Recently, it has hit me how much I care for children who are less fortunate than me.
Orphans are the main reason I want to go to Panama. I feel like God is leading me towards working with orphans-I don’t know in what way; but I know He wants me to.
When I find out the horrific news that abortion is uprising and stuff, it never hits me as hard as KNOWING somebody who has done it…my stomach churns and my heart stops for a second as I swallow hard and tear up.
.I begin to pray.

I truly think that every once in a while we need a reality check. HONESTLY-I never would have felt that way if I had been a ‘sheltered home-schooler’. So, BE OUT THERE! Stop trying to ‘protect’ yourself from the world. How else are we; Christians, supposed to help those around us?
Life is out there…and sometimes it’s too late to see it.
I am glad that I have friends and acquaintances who aren’t Christians, that’s what our purpose is, being in the world not of it. But. I hate to see them fail and fall and not truly realize that whatever happiness that they are seeking is RIGHT THERE.
It frustrates me because I don’t want to say something to them that will repel them from Christ and from me; I want to give them life.
And when I see them taking it away…that’s one of the worst feelings ever…

This is my recent reality check and it’s definitely got me thinking and praying harder than I was before…


One thought on “Thoughts on Life

  1. Amen Sarah!! Sometimes we Christians try to stay in our comfort zones and only live with people it’s easy to live with! The Bible tells us to preach to all people not just people we are like! We have to get out of our “comfort zones” and live with the sinners, cause they are the ones that need the Gospel! Christ was a friend of sinners, so we should be too!! Thanks for your words!!



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