Taking on the Challenge

Okey dokey, so it’s been six days  since my last post…arg.


Saturday night my parents come in the door as Chelsea and I begin making a late supper for the two of us.
They ask, “Sarah, did you feed Chester?” (our dog)
I reply, “No, when I’m in charge, he never gets fed; I always forget”
My dad responds, “How would you feel if you went 24 hours without food?”
Competitively, “Bring it on”, I say.
I was not to eat food from Sunday morning when I woke, till Monday morning when I woke.
On Sunday afternoon, my dad asks, “Have you eaten anything?”
“Good 🙂 I realized though, that if Chester ate Friday night, missed food Saturday night, then ate on Sunday night, he would be missing food for 48 hours.”
“Alright, Dad, I’ll go 48 hours. 😛 “

SO yesterday we all realized that I don’t have to wait till Tuesday morning, cause the last time I ate was Saturday night at 8…which means TONIGHT at 8 o’clock I can eat food again!!!
My stomach was fine yesterday; it only growled while I was in church. Today was the same thing; it hardly growled…so weird…

In order to still receive nutrients I was allowed to swallow vitamins and mix up a nutrition breakfast drink (which I had for supper last night and breakfast this morning).

I have gone to the bathroom so many times each day it’s crazy. pahahaha. I have consumed multiple glasses of water, milk, lemonade, peach tea, orange juice, lemon juice, and an Arizona Mango Tea that Chelsea bought me. 🙂

This is just how competitive I am…I will go far lengths to complete a challenge given me…
The Next Question Is:

What will I eat tonight at 8 o’clock?
=] ……..ice cream……..=]


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