Screaming in and out

In the Bible there is a verse that asks, “…how long will they be incapable of purity?” Other versions say, ‘innocence’ as a replacement for the last word.

The band RED sings a song called ‘Confession’.
There is a line in the song that I say to myself sometimes.
“I confess, I’m always afraid,
always ashamed, of what’s inside my head.”

I hate it, I HATE, that I have lost some of my innocence.
I find myself thinking things that I don’t want to; saying things that I hoped never would come out.
At the end of the song, the band targets emotion from one whom actually feels and lives this song.
“Take this away; help me escape,
Take this away, I confess:

It is truly sad how the world has corrupted our minds.
Sometimes, I just want to pound my head with my fist to rid my mind of the world’s effect.
Thankfully there IS hope, and it isn’t through bodily harm.
There is a Creator who loves us, and cares for our innocence.
Crying out to Him, like in the song, will be His invite.
I need to constantly cleanse myself…I fail so many times to do this though.
Thankfully, God gives many chances
I just hope that you will realize that there is a Saviour out there who loves you, more than any girl or guy on Earth can…more than all your friends COMBINED!

O God; sweet Jesus; Holy One, within me…
Create in me a pure heart, mind, and soul.
Let me be cleansed with Your almighty love.
I confess: I’m not as innocent as I once was.
I’m screaming in and out.
Help me!


3 thoughts on “Screaming in and out

  1. Great post!! I love RED….. I had been going thru some rather dramatic things this past week– and what you said– how God loves us more than everyone– is so what I need to remember!
    Off to look up the song now!


  2. I know this feeling well..

    I’m so very proud of you for realizing the failures and seeking Jesus instead of other things.. It is never easy, but always worth it. You are beautiful in so many ways my dear Sarah. 🙂

    Love you more than you will ever understand 🙂


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