Panama Clothes

Yes, I realize that I have both men and women followers, but this is on some of my progress towards Panama. So, Men…I’m sorry if this bores you. 😛

Today, I decided that I would get out my collections of skirts and shirts that I’ll be taking with me to Panama!!! To show you what patterns and colors I will be fashioning in the country, here are some pictures!

These, I will wear, along with the various tank tops I already own, as well as a few pairs of shorts.

Most likely in the afternoons when I get back to the house from being at the school, I will pull on a pair of shorts. But, then again, I might turn into a skirt lover.

The weather there is an average of ninety degrees, so therefore…I’ll be sweating profusely. arg.

God has already blessed me with figuring out more of my life, and what will be happening during the remainder of my senior year!!! YAY!

I’m feeling better today, and more accomplished.

~Praise God~


3 thoughts on “Panama Clothes

  1. Ooh, I love your skirts! The patterns are adorable!

    Wow. Ninety degrees? Yes, you may just become a skirt lover, Sarah. 😉 I know I’d choose them over the burmudas and capris I usually wear in the summer any day. They keep me much cooler and are more comfortable.

    Well, I bet your’re excited, as your trip is coming up fast! I’m sure it’s going to be awesome!


  2. Cute patterns sarah!! i love them!! You are so pretty you will look great in skirts, shorts, jeans, tanks, or anything! : ) I will be praying that getting ready for your trip goes smoothly and that God has His hand on every part of it!



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