Recently, I have made progress with Panama related things. I have gotten new shirts and skirts in the past few days.
My mom and I are on the hunt for ways to fix up ‘super duper clearance’ items. Yesterday, we got two skirts for under $4, at Goodwill!! That was exciting!

I have found myself realizing that time has flown by so amazingly fast. I cannot believe that I will be graduating in two months. High school is almost dust. YES!
Although, knowing that, I think about how fast Panama is coming and how I need to begin readying myself more.

And oh my word, I have to get out open house//graduation invitations. I am thinking about slipping in a ‘Send Sarah To Panama’ flyer in the envelope as well.

My open house will have a little bit of info about Panama, as well.

This past Friday, my mom had me write a list of things that I need for my open house and that pushed me to begin my ‘running away from procrastination’ stage.

Talking about this, just makes me realize that I’m farther behind that I thought. It just collects and begins piling up higher than I can see, and once I realize that it’s doing that…I am overwhelmed and need to try to conquer this mountain. Oh without the wonderful work of God, I would be in a giant ditch.

God, help me be at ease with all that lies ahead.


3 thoughts on “Progress?

  1. I’ll be praying for you sarah!! I know you are busy with getting ready for Panama and your open house but realize God is with to and will be holding your hand the whole way through! 🙂



  2. Don’t you love those really great clothes finds??! =D

    Oh open house plans… I know how you feel! I was just at GFS today looking at paper napkins and plastic plates, lol.


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