So my amazing friend Miranda posted this on her blog and in return, I’d like to share this awesome idea with you, dear blog-world.

I’m going to answer questions so that you know more about me!

(I’m terribly sorry about the crazy page layout-it won’t let me make it organized for some reason, so bear with me)

Favorite Shoe Brand: Converse && Vans

Favorite Clothes Brand: Honestly, I can’t narrow it down…

Favorite Design Style: Vintage//Antique

Two Favorite Days of the Week and Why: Friday && Saturday
Because I’m always doing something on the weekends and I look forward to cherished time with friends.

If You Could go Anywhere in the World, Where Would You go: Fiji

Favorite Hobby: Traveling && Playing my guitars

Favorite Memory: I have too many…

One Word That Describes You: Joyful (my middle name helps with this)

One of Your Favorite Songs: I can never narrow it down, so here are a few:

*If it means a lot to you by A Day To Remember
*Be My Escape by Relient K
*The Technicolor Phase by Owl City
*Swing Life Away by Rise Against

Favorite School Subject: Spanish

Favorite Season: Summer (because of the freedom it brings)

A Word//Phrase You Use All The Time: Whoot && Amazing (along with a lot of other words I make up)

Favorite Color: Currently: Plum Purple && Spring Green

What Car Have You Always Wanted (that doesn’t cost a soul): Vintage VW Bug

So now that you know more about myself, answer these questions so I can know more about you; my readers! 🙂


One thought on “More

  1. Sarah!! I loved reading your answers! GO CONVERSE!! i also have a pair of vans that i LOVE!! 🙂

    Your amazing too!!! 🙂


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