Melodious Addiction

Alright, so I have decided that I draw closer to Jesus through melodies. Some songs just have THAT chord progression//note sequence, allowing me to feel God right next to me.

In my church, this month’s closing chorus goes like this:

Jesus, draw me close, closer Lord, to You.

Let the world around me fade away.

Jesus, draw me close, closer, Lord, to You,

For I desire to worship and obey.

The melody of that song, just…gets me. I feel connected to the words and the music; turning my attention to Christ.

I tried to find the version that we sing in my church, online…but I couldn’t find it…so if you end up searching for this song over YouTube//google//etc. then it’s different.

And to me, when the melody changes, it changes the feeling. For some reason, I don’t connect as well, to the other versions.

Yes, I suppose that we all should praise God in all ways, but I can’t force myself to ‘feel’ the music…God made me that way. Only certain songs do I feel that closeness with God.

Hillsong//United//etc. do a lot of great worship songs, that are easy to fall in love with. Captivating your heart–they definitely major in it. 🙂

Lord, bless me this week as I try to focus on You more…


4 thoughts on “Melodious Addiction

  1. I have the exact same thing. Sometimes i will sing a song and think, “yeah that is a nice song, but i don’t feel anything,” or other times i’ll be captivated by it and feel like i could throw my hands up and dance to God right then and there!!

    I love it when it happens!! I feel so close to God and feel like i’m being wrapped in his glory and majesty!!

    What a mighty God we serve!!



  2. I love that song!! I don’t know if we sing the same one as you, but I love the one we sing!! I definitely agree that music has a special power!! It’s such an amazing thing!!



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