Details of Love

So, I was chatting with a good friend of mine last night, when I began ranting about what it would be like to have lived in the time of Jesus.

I started thinking about it more today, in church.

I have realized I am in hysterical wonder…

  • How tall was Jesus?
  • What did His eyes look like?
  • Was His hair curly//straight//wavy?
  • Did He play any instruments?
  • What did His voice sound like?
  • What did His singing voice sound like?
  • Did He have a favorite fruit, season, color?

I could rant on and on, dream about meeting Him one day, and just think up in my own mind different things I would ask Jesus if I could hang out with Him in person, for one day.

When I get deeper and deeper into my imagination and thoughts, I get this feeling in my soul, I feel happy and awe struck, along with many other sensations. I believe that this is called, “being in love”. I never realized how amazing it was to be so drawn to Jesus that I could literally say that I am in love with Him. How amazing is this feeling, I hope this never goes away. It brings a smile to my face and joy in my step. I kinda feel like running a marathon or seeing if I could jump to catch a cloud.

Things that seem impossible, I feel like I could do. I just wanna shout from a high mountain, “I’M IN LOVE WITH JESUS CHRIST!!!”

Sundays have begun to touch me in different ways than before. God brings things to my attention that I hadn’t thought about in a while, or people to my mind that I should pray for, etc…

Well, I just felt like sharing the details that I wonder about, that belong to the one I love; my Savior; my Master; my Jesus.


4 thoughts on “Details of Love

  1. Amen Sarah!! We see the love that He showed us, and it should make us want to love Him all the same!! He showed us true love, and I pray we do the same to Him!! Thanks for your post!!



  2. Great post Sarah!!! How can we not help but love and fall down in praise to the man whose voice shaped the heavens and told the sun to shine! He is so amazing!!!
    We don’t desverve His love and yet he sent His perfect only Son to die on a beaten wooden cross for us! We don’t deserve anything from God but yet we gain everything in Him. He deserves more love than we could ever show!!!

    How great it is to be in love with Jesus!!

    Thanks for sharing you love of Him with us!!!


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