Electric Devices

Nowadays it is impossible, unless you are Amish, to go one day without using a form of electricity. Whether it is by driving a car, using your computer, calling a friend, or gaming across thousands of miles of cyberspace, we cannot get away from electrons.

Why is it so addicting? Why can we not resist the temptation to get on Facebook while researching something for a paper? That PS2 is just calling your name every time you walk by it, after brushing your teeth at night. YOU HAVE TO GAME!!!!  Sometimes,, it becomes like nicotine, without your daily dosage for the day, you feel like your world is crumbling.

I sometimes find myself being so addicted to Facebook that I at least have to get on once a day..AT LEAST..sometimes it’s in the morning and at night. Now, I have the wonderful blog-world too. I just have to make sure that I’m not more into these worldly electronics, than I am into God.

Today, I was singing a song in church, when the pastor said, “Let’s change the word from ‘Him’ to ‘You’ and make it personal”

It completely put a smile on my face, just changing that one word…I was more singing to God, and not to the people around me. It kinda refreshed my life. I need more time for God.

Blogging helps. Just writing down my thoughts, helps me reconnect to God. Whenever I’m writing about Jesus Christ, I end up talking to Him, through my blog. It’s really neat. Kinda like the world just doesn’t exist. Like one of my friends said, “I write in my journal to God, like a blog about my life with Him.”

Well, I think I’ve digressed a bit.
So, I thank God for electricity, because without cars, my netbook, and light bulbs, I would be a vegetable.


5 thoughts on “Electric Devices

  1. Sweet! I really like that word change! I plan to start blogging once I get my laptop in a month or so, I really don’t like the idea of blogging on the living room desktop…


  2. That is a pretty awesome blog Sarah 😛 It’s awesome how you can read, talk, and grow to God in so many ways…and this is a very awesome way…it has helped me with my daily walk too..because I see all of your wonderful words of wisdom, and it just helps to open my eyes more everytime I read these! [=

    I agree, I would be a veggie to if we didn’t have electronics! 😉

    keep up the awesome blogs! [=

    ♥Chelsea Ann…;)


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