The Difference of Opinion

OK, I’m at work this morning and my co-worker says something to me about a song, sung by The Fray. She says, “I am not sure what they lyrics mean.” So, we decided to look up the lyrics and listen to the song at the same time. After giving each other our own, marvelous understandings of the song, we looked at the comments that random people around the world left, telling others their opinion on the song. I read them and some of them just blew me away…well, I will start by giving you the song:

You Found Me by The Fray

There was a ton of controversy on this song, I am amazed. Some of my favorite comments were these:

“I can relate to this. I think we as people always ask, ‘where were You?’ to God, when certain negative things happen in life. But, when the good things happen, do we as people say ‘thank you’ to God for being there? Sadly, we don’t always. I will certainly be more aware of that.”

“…God is always there for us, and when we perceive God finally helping us, we expected it sooner, when in reality He was always with us…God doesn’t separate from us, we separate from Him.”

“I think this guy is asking God where God has been, not realizing that He was always there waiting for him. He’s realizing that after everyone fails him, he then looks for God and finds that He is there waiting.”

These people, I feel, got this song pretty spot on. We always go through trials not remembering what Jesus’ brother, James told us:

“Consider it pure joy my brothers, when you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.”

Sheesh, James gave us the answer right there…that’s what we are to do, find the joy in every situation, especially in trials. But, how often is it that we really do look to God, first thing? When we’re going through a tough spot, is it not natural tendency to go to our closest friend or relative?

My favorite comment and one that needs some applause was from this one guy who read the blog of Isaac Slade, the lead singer of The Fray. He said:

“Isaac Slade wrote, ‘You Found Me is a tough song for me. It is about the disappointment, the heart ache, the let down that comes with life. Sometimes you’re let down, sometimes you’re the one who lets someone else down. It gets hard to know who you can trust, who you can count on. This song came out of a tough time, and i”m still right in the thick of it. There is some difficult circumstances my family and friends have  been going through over the past year or so and it’s been overwhelming. It wears on me. It demands so much of my faith to keep believing, keep hoping in the unseen. Sometimes the tunnel has a light at the end, but usually they just look black as night. This song is about that feeling, and the hope that I still have, buried deep in my chest.”

Thank God for that guy going to the origin of the song!

So, its just mind boggling to me, the many differences of opinion that can be aroused by one song. People look at the same lyrics, to the same music, by the same people, and view it SO differently. It’s how people grow up, different things that affect their lives, how they were taught, new perspectives they’ve developed, and a whole bunch of things like that, those are why we have so many controversial topics in life.

Because We Are All Different.

I just felt like writing about this because well, its just so interesting to me how people think.


9 thoughts on “The Difference of Opinion

  1. I think you and those other people got it spot on also! I love that song, so I’m glad you posted something about it! We def expect God to be there in the tough times, but in the good times we seem to ignore him because we feel like we don’t need Him in the good times! This is def our problem! Thanks for posting on this! Very interesting!



  2. My favorite thing about this song.. and so many others.. is it’s like reading the Bible.. You can read the same thing over and over.. and then one day you’re going through something and WHAM!.. it hits you totally differently, one word sticks out that you never even had seen or heard before… And now, it is just all different. 🙂



  3. I really liked that comment about us not saying thanks to God in the times that are good and saying where are you when times are bad. It is a reminder I need to remember especially since I have been questioning that lately.


  4. I disagree. I think the fact that it sounds good makes people slightly blind to the message in it.

    First off,
    “I found God on the corner of First and Amistad
    Where the west was all but won
    all alone smoking his last cigarette
    I said, “Where you been?”
    He said, “Ask anything”. ”
    Sorry, God’s smoking His last cigarette?

    next problem:
    “In the end everyone ends up alone” doesn’t sound like what everyone else was saying about God always being there and the person not realizing it.
    also, “I’ve been callin’
    For years and years and years and years
    And you never left me no messages
    You never send me no letters
    You got some kinda nerve”
    This is blatently saying that God ignored this person.

    and finally, this whole song never resolves itself to become what everyone above said it was implying. it just says that God found this guy too late. over and over and over.

    and on a non-serious note, it contradicts itself. “I found God” are the opening lines, and the whole chorus is “You found me…”


      • there is no implication that suggests this. in fact, it suggests just the opposite in the first verse, which appears to continue on into the rest of the song. because God says “Ask anything.” and then the rest of the song is the guy goes into rants about how God was never there. except in the chorus, which is such a switch from the verses with no connectation. (haha, new word!)


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