Busy Busy Busy

Psalm 46:10a

“Be still, and know that I am God..”

Check that out…seriously, God wants me ‘be still’? Is He out of His mind? I have a social life to keep up with, school to deal with, chores, parents, the list goes on…but do we really have an excuse? Why can’t we take five minutes out of our everyday lives and be still? Are we incapable of clearing our schedules for our Creator?

Time…everything has to do with time in our lives. I have an eight o’clock appointment, work, school, soccer, music, etc. We base our lives on time. I commend you if you can go one day without ever looking at a clock!!!

Our busy schedules and rambling minds keep us from reconnecting with the Big Guy. I have had this problem many times in my life. I would rather read a Ted Dekker book than read my Bible, would rather play my guitars: Cooper and Kai, than stop and pray, would prefer to spend a morning sleeping in and not talking to God about how thankful I am for giving me that day…my list continues.

It was a chore for me to read my Bible everyday. I am competitive so I gave myself the challenge of reading my Bible at least five minutes everyday. I continued for two weeks, and you know what? by the third week, I jumped into bed at night excited to see what God was going to show me next. I realized that I was talking to God, but not focusing on Him…kind of like what us teens do with our parents sometimes…

So, just taking time before my beauty sleep to reconnect with God and spending a moment ‘being still’  helped my entire life. Seriously, I’m not joking with you. I noticed that my life turned towards Christ more often in more situations. I would end up praying for patience when a woman was in line talking to the cashier when I was in a hurry, rather than tapping my foot and exclaiming my rushed circumstance to the pair. I became more outspoken with my love for Jesus Christ.

It truly is amazing what two weeks can do to a person, if your focus is in the right place.

You up for the two-week “Be Still” challenge?

Read your Bible everyday for at least five minutes. But, pray that God would set your heart in the right place and to show you where your life needs changing, before you begin reading.

I would love to know how this affects your life 🙂


5 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy

  1. You are an inspiration young Sarah. I am taking your challenge to read my bible for 5 minutes every day. I will let you know what God says to me. Love you very much.


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